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Dec 2, 2012 4:00am PST
politically. he allowed john burton to talk him into running for the state legislature. an unsuccessful effort for the state assembly. he went on to become, obviously, a supervisor in the city and county of san francisco. and in those days it was a different city. it was dramatically different. there was no such thing as a so-called progressive, david campos. there was no such thing as somebody in that category. george moscone, philip burton, represented that which we all now richly enjoy. george went on to become a state senator. and in that capacity, scott, it was george moscone who shepherded the bill that removed criminal penalties between consenting adults in this state that cost people their positions as teachers, as doctors, as nurses, as lawyers in those days. it was a bill that we orchestrated together. and george did what has never been done since, and that is cause the senate to hookup in a 20 to 20 tie in the late dimely was flown in from colorado to break the tie to give us that bill. that set the stage, scott, for all the things that have occurred in this state, and ultimately in
Dec 19, 2012 5:00pm EST
along great for decades. he really didn't -- as one of my friends john burton would say, he just wanted to know if you enjoyed the movie, he didn't want to know if you had butter on your popcorn. spare me the extra information that is not needed by him. ok. so i first met him when i went to -- i first met him -- i first basked in his aura at the banking committee where he was a leader on the housing subcommittee. we had that in common, representing boston and san francisco, two cities with a high cost of housing and knowing that we had to meet the needs of people who could not afford that high cost. and so that respect for people's need to have the dignity of a home no matter what their economic situation was was again his commitment, as others have mentioned, to those at the lower scale -- lower place on the economic scale. so housing, affordability of it, the stock of it, the housing opportunities for people with h.i.v. and aids, all of those kinds of issues. as you can imagine, he had the full view of it all and a way to get the job done. a discrimination, everybody has talked about
Dec 26, 2012 2:30am PST
for giving and giving thanks for what we have every day. john yang, nbc news, chicago. >>> it was a very royal christmas in burton, where the queen and her family marked the holiday in royal fashion but these are a few differences. reporting from london. >> reporter: queen elizabeth began her 60th christmas on the throne as she has every other at a morning church service with prince philip and other royals in tow. afterwards she greeted several hundreds who waited hours to see the royals at christmas but there were missing places at the christmas lunch table. prince harry out fighting in afghanistan and william and kate spent their day with the prince princess' parents and their siblings in kate's hometown. a shocking breach of protocol? hardly. >> they want to do their own thing. the queen is kind of a 20th century queen and the laws allow that. >> reporter: so 21st century, she did it in 3d. >> reporter: it is after all, queen elizabeth that bridged the phone age to social networking and facebook and she's even a doodle on google. >> by the time she made her first televised christmas s
Dec 20, 2012 7:00pm PST
,000. who is going to vote against that everybody will vote for that? everything. ez ra that is dan burton's reading of what lies ahead and that is why john boehner knew the leverage is with president obama. this gets into complicated budget anounts. right now, the deal president obama offered john boehner is a $1.2 trillion tax increase. after january 1st, the deal is approximately a $3.8 trillion tax cut. it is easier to sell the tax cut the deal is the same. but that makes it easier if he chooses to go this route to offer a $3.5 trillion tax cut which would be a larger tax increase. so this does snap into a difficult place for republicans. where it becomes a big, big tax cut. >> from the start we have been saying that once you are off the cliff everything that the president is proposing becomes easier to pass. >> coming up. more on bay nor world out-of-control. and during the first meeting of vice president's task force on gun violence, there were more funerals being held in connecticut. and in the wre ewrite tonight, c conservative case for an assault weapons ban. where's your gift? uh
Dec 26, 2012 9:00am PST
. the man with the golden throat. cnbc guru john harwood. our favorite wonk of them all. president obama's money bunny bill burton. >> money bunny? >> given the hop to it attitude. current editor of "now." >> we want to make you the official cultural ambassador of the program now. >> okay! >> we can always count on a little help from our friends. >> always handsome martin bashir. >> you've put me between two of the most attractive people on this network, jonathan capehart. >> i got a title, did you know that? >> this is a legendary moment. >> this is hot. >> this is hot. >> in the days before my time, less known your time -- >> we're just babies around you. >> that's why i come on, to get my wag on. i get my wag on. >> stop right now. >> now! >> thank you for getting me wag on. >> anybody watching this show, by the way, doesn't have direct plans to vote is an idiot. go vote, vote. don't watch this until you've voted. >> the man that gets the last word every night on msnbc and here too, i bet. >> it's in my deal, last word. >> when lawrence o'donnell is here we go metta. >> nobody talks a
Dec 28, 2012 1:00pm PST
the way i dress bill burton and the super pac. lose ares on the left, unions are huge. and losers, john cornyn, horrible recruitment two years in a row and this time they didn't have jim demint to blame. >> don't blame that texan on me. >> okay. take it up with him after the show. erick erickson, roland martin, thank you very much. happy new year, guys. >>> hopes have been crushed and families in the making have been ripped apart. a new law bans americans from adopting russian children. welcome to chevy's year-end event. so, the 5.3-liter v8 silverado can tow up to 9,600 pounds? 315 horsepower. what's that in reindeer-power? [ laughs ] [ pencil scratches ] [ male announcer ] chevy's giving more. get the best offer of the year -- 0% apr financing for 60 months plus $1,000 holiday bonus cash. plus trade up for an additional $1,000 trade-in allowance. hurry. bonus cash ends january 2nd. time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest pr
Dec 19, 2012 8:00pm EST
there was greatness in our delegation and that it was an honor, john and barney, to have been able to serve with you. and thank you so much. and i yield back the balance of my time. mr. burton: madam speaker, let me just follow up on what was just said and say that barney frank and i had a lot of differences over the years, but we also found times we could work together and we co-sponsored a bill together one time. barney and your colleague, i wish you both the very best and hopefully we will run into each other. let me make a couple of comments to my two colleagues who are going to follow me on this special order who told me if i talked too long they will hit me in the head with a ball bat. i want to say a couple of things. daniel inouye, senator inouye, i never met, but i read in the paper many years ago, the ex ploits of daniel inouye when he was in the military yu young man. his family put in a camp in world war ii and volunteered to go into the military. he became an outstanding member of the military. and in italy, he did -- there were exploits that he performed that won him the congressional
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)